Hudson Valley Playreading Series

Dedicated to the concept that the mind is the best stage, TheaterSounds has no budget constraints, no restrictions on scenery, costumes, or props, because all of these things are created in the imagination of the audience. The reading series was created in 2001 by Founding Artistic Director Nicola Sheara, and is now produced by her son, Jonathan Van Gieson. For almost 20 years, TheaterSounds has brought readings of both classic and new plays, performed by professional actors, to the Hudson Valley.


  • The Standard 2020 Update

    July 16, 2020

    Like everything else, TheaterSounds is on hiatus until it's safe to come out.

  • Season 19

    August 27, 2019

    Over the past 18 seasons, it seems like TheaterSounds has read just about everything; from comedies to dramas to somewhere in between; plays that take on serious issues to lighthearted romps; best-loved classics and world premieres—all featuring talent ranging from broadway and film actors to luminaries of downtown theater. But in all those years, there's one thing we have never done: a single work by the Bard himself. So, to open our 19th Season, we're going to rectify that oversight by doing them all.

    At once.

  • 18th Season Starts Wilde

    September 10, 2018

    Season 18 kicks off September 15 at 7:30pm with a classic comedy of manners and mischief, Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. TheaterSounds producer Jonathan Van Gieson has longed to play the role of Algernon ever since he first read the play (he was younger at the time than TheaterSounds is now), and has recruited some of his favorite co-conspirators from his years in alternative NYC theater to help him bring this dream to life at TheaterSounds.

    Save the dates for our other 2018 readings: Oct 20, Nov 17, and Dec 15.

  • TheaterSounds presents 17th Season

    September 01, 2017

    TheaterSounds returns for our 17th Season this September, featuring as always readings of both classic and new plays, performed by professional actors, in the Hudson Valley. The readings will be performed at 7:30pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the UUCC, 320 Sawkill Road, Kingston NY.

  • Kalamazoo in Kingston

    June 09, 2017

    TheaterSounds presents
    by Michelle Kholos Brooks and Kelly Younger

    Encouraged by their kids and grandkids, Peg and Irv both plunge headfirst into the dating pool for the first time in decades, only to find... each other. Can an outgoing East Coast Jewish man and a straight-laced Irish Catholic woman make love work the second time around? Riva Shiner Comedy Award-Winner KALAMAZOO is “a romantic comedy about life’s second act and learning you’re never too old to be young.”

    “Both hilarious and startlingly honest. It just rings true in ways that can be surprising and shocking, but always satisfying.” (

    Saturday, June 24 at 7:30pm
    at the UUCC, 320 Sawkill Road, Kingston
    Admission by Donation

  • TheaterSounds' 16th Season Concludes With Bauer on 5/13 and Kalamazoo on 6/18.

    April 26, 2017

    TheaterSounds 16th season, curated by our beloved founding artistic director Nicola Sheara, continues on May 13 with BAUER by Lauren Gunderson and KALAMAZOO by Michelle Kholos Brooks and Kelly Younger on June 24.

    BAUER is based on the true story of a forgotten modern artist who gave up painting after signing an exclusive contract with the Guggenheim. When his ex-wife (and ex-agent) signs up to attempt to convince Bauer to paint again, this “beautifully written play… goes deep in [an] exploration of greed’s effect on love and art.” (The New York Times) “Brittle, witty repartee… terse, poetic statements of Bauer’s evocative aesthetics.” (San Francisco Chronicle). The reading is directed by Jonathan Van Gieson, and stars David Smilow, Lora Lee Ecobelli, and more.

  • TheaterSounds this Saturday

    March 21, 2017

    TheaterSounds 16th season, curated by our beloved founding artistic director Nicola Sheara, continues on Saturday, March 25 at 7:30pm with AN ACT OF GOD, a hilarious, irreverent comedy in which the Big Man himself presents a new set of commandments, updated for modern times.

    Written by God and transcribed by 13-time Emmy Award winner David Javerbaum, An Act of God is an irreverent yet refreshingly positive look at Judaism, Christianityi and Islam, this play is sure to offend audience members of all faiths even as it makes them laugh.

    After many millennia, and in just 90 minutes, God answers some of the questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. “Presented as ‘A Memoir by God,’ the work comes divided into chapters and numbered verses like the Bible, if the Bible were narrated by Mel Brooks on crack-laced manna,” said critic Ron Charles in The Washington Post. “It’s a bawdy circus of theological vaudeville—Shadrach, Meshach and To-bed-we-go!—determined to sacrifice every sacred cow on the altar of farce.”

    Lora Lee Ecobelli directs Mark Chmiel*, Kimberly Kay, and Ken Thompson*.

    The reading is at The Universalist Unitarian Congregation of the Catskills, located at 320 Sawkill Road in Kingston. Show time is 7:30 pm. Admission is by donation.

    For more information, go to or Facebook /theatersounds.

  • Our Beloved Founder

    February 16, 2017

    We are devastated to announce that Nicola Sheara—our beloved founder, director, star, and guiding light—passed away in January. She was ill for several months, but in the time leading up to her death, she made sure that TheaterSounds would continue in her absence, and very much under her guidance. She curated and cast a fantastic 16th season that will roll out over the coming months, featuring many favorite TheaterSounds performers and directors, and indeed much of the 17th season as well. Her son, Jonathan, is proud to continue to produce the series in her name, keeping her vision for a professional, entertaining (sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, often both) playreading series thriving in the Hudson Valley.

    16th Season Continues
    Saturday, February 25 at 2:00pm - Matinee!
    BAD DATES by Theresa Rebeck
    starring Molly Katz, stage directions read by Ken Thompson, directed by Jonathan Van Gieson
    A single mother’s idiosyncratic journey toward self-discovery. Molly Katz* plays the role of the mother as she ruminates over past experiences and memories, which include a Romanian mob, a Buddhist rainstorm, and a few very bad dates, as well as the challenge of raising a 13-year old daughter.

    Saturday, March 25 at 7:30pm
    ACT OF GOD by God, transcribed by David Javerbaum
    Starring Mark Chmiel, Kimberly Kay and Ken Thompson.

    Saturday, April 22 at 7:30
    AN ACCIDENT by Lydia Stryk
    Starring Rebecca Hart & Jonathan Van Gieson

    Saturday, May 13 at 7:30
    BAUER by Lauren Gunderson

    Saturday, June 24 at 7:30 - 16th Season Finale!
    KALAMAZOO by Michelle Kholos Brooks and Kelly Younger

  • Uncanny Valley by Thomas Gibbons

    November 26, 2016

    Dearest Friends and Audients,

    We are happy to inform you that reports of TheaterSounds' early demise have been greatly exaggerated. TheaterSounds will charge ahead into its 16th Season, with our next reading this month!

    We hope you'll be back in fine fettle with your usual aplomb and vociferous appreciation to join us for our second reading of the season.

    Saturday, November 26th at 7:30pm
    Uncanny Valley
    by Thomas Gibbons
    The reading will feature Dana Patton, Nicola Sheara, Jonathan Van Gieson.

    Drawing on current research in artificial intelligence and robotics, Uncanny Valley charts the developing relationship between a neuroscientist and the non-biological human she helped create.
    The play "explores the painful divide between creator and creation, the inherent unpredictability of consciousness, and how we are redefining what it means to be human in the 21st century."

    "Gibbons creates a fascinating scenario... Until the very last blackout when you remain tantalized by the mystery of what courses through [the AI's] circuitry." -The Washington Post

    "A techno take on the Pinocchio story. [He] is only a simulated human and there may be a void where his ethical compass ought to be." -The New York Times

    "A riveting exploration of robotics and the relationship between the creator and creation. The reversals and inversions explored in Uncanny Vally play tricks with your head."

    We hope to see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Saturday November 26 at 7:30pm at The Universalist Unitarian Congregation of the Catskills, 320 Sawkill Road, Kingston New York. (Detour may still be in effect, take 209 to Sawkill exit and head South on Sawkill Road.)

  • OUR MOTHER'S BRIEF AFFAIR by Richard Greenberg

    September 24, 2016

    Dear Friends and Audients,

    Welcome back to the friendly world of TheaterSounds.

    Our September reading will be OUR MOTHER'S BRIEF AFFAIR, a play of razor-sharp wit and extraordinary insight, written by TONY Award winner Richard Greenberg, known for his subversively humorous depictions of middle-class life.

    NICOLA SHEARA will be featured as "our Mother" along with an exceptional cast directed by MARNIE ANDREWS.

    On the verge of death for the umpteenth time, Anna makes a shocking confession to her grown children: an affair from her past that just might have resonance beyond the family. But how much of what she says is true? While her children try to separate fact from fiction, Anna fights for a legacy she can be proud of. With lively wit and piercing insight, OUR MOTHER'S BRIEF AFFAIR considers the sweeping, surprising impact of indiscretions both large and small.

    OUR MOTHER'S BRIEF AFFAIR is the sort of everyday detective story in which the prolific Mr. Greenberg has long specialized...he juxtaposes a generational then-and-now to consider how little we know about the lies that impinge upon and shape our own...This brooding comedy of memory unfolds as a retrospectively played game of truth and consequences, though just what the truth is will remain ambiguous. THE NEW YORK TIMES

    You are enthusiastically invited to join us on Saturday, September 24 AT 7:30 PM
    at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Road
    Kingston, NY 12401


    Our next reading will be a MATINEE
    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 at 3pm.

    INFORMATION; 845 657-6303

  • This is the current status of THEATERSOUNDS

    July 23, 2016

    Dear Friends and Audients:

    We hope your summer has been sun-filled, tick-free, poison ivy-absent and resplendent with joy, if tempered by political angst.
    We will launch our new season in September with readings on the fourth Saturday of each month through June, which will include the following new features:

    * One matinee

    * One audience favorite to be remounted by us and selected by you from a list of our most popular readings

    * Several bravura solo performances

    * Explorations into Artificial Intelligence

    * Recently published Broadway plays

    * The usual selection of irreverent, irksome, irascible, exciting, entertaining, and engrossing** fare you have come to expect.

    We look forward to having you join us on Saturday, September 24 at 7:30 pm for our reading's a surprise

    **enchanting, edgy, enriching, edifying, elating, ennobling exercises in theatricality

    Until our return, take advantage of these theater offerings:

    presented by Bird/on/a/Cliff Shakespeare Company at the Comeau property, Woodstock, NY
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5pm through August 7

    presented by Horton By The Stream at Elka Park in Tannersville, NY
    Sunday August 7, Saturday and Sunday August 13 and 14 at 2pm

    presented by BOAC at the Comeau property, Woodstock, NY
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5pm August 12 - September 14

    HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett
    presented by the Woodstock Fringe at the Byrdcliffe Theatre, Woodstock, NY
    Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm Sunday at 2 pm August 11 - 21

    Go well,


  • SCOTT AND HEM by Mark St. Germain

    June 18, 2016

    Mark St. Germain is this season's featured playwright (BECOMING DR. RUTH, DANCING LESSONS)

    Dear Friends and Fellow Thespos:

    We will present a sizzling evening for our last reading before our summer hiatus:

    SCOTT AND HEM, by Mark St. Germain
    Directed by Norman Thomas Marshall with John D. Alexander*, Johnny Morelli* and Nicola Sheara*


    In 1937, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, famous authors and frenemies, meet in Hollywood - the City of Dreams - to confront their own. SCOTT AND HEM is a drama about the cost of love, friendship, and the price of being a writer. Some rough language is bandied about by thes two wordsmiths, so you might like to place a bet on who wins the stand-off...


    "The obvious comparison is to St. Germain's biggest hit, FREUD'S LAST SESSION, a philosophical encounter between two academics.....this new play finds its central characters locking horns.....with the sense that their lives depend on it. This time there are (metaphorical) blood and guts on the floor."

    "With SCOTT AND HEM we can add another play of St. Germain's to those which bring us new perspectives about familiar characters. Once again the playwright turbo-charges our imaginations."

    "Probably no one can mine the drama found in encounters between historical figures better than playwright Mark St.Germain."

    You are warmly invited to join us at:

    At the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Road, Kingston

    *Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association


    Information: 845/657-6303
    Find us on Facebook and at

    Sawkill Road is closed for bridge repairs between Washington Avenue and the UUCC.
    Take Route 209 to the Sawkill Road exit and go South one and a half miles, and left at the UUCC entrance.

  • THE GOOD FATHER by Christian O'Reilly

    May 21, 2016

    As we are tossed about by the vicissitudes of life, weather, politics and the machinations of everyday relationships, come settle into the arms of "this play that will have you laughing one moment and crying unabashedlythe next"* - THE GOOD FATHER by Christian O'Reilly, brought to searing life by Leigh Adel-Arnold and Jed Peterson** under the direction of Nicola Sheara.
    *The Poughkeepsie Journal
    **Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association\

    First performed by The Druid Theatre Company at the 25th Galway ArtsFestival in Galway, Ireland.


    "It's New Year's Eve and most of the party guests are in the kitchen admiring photos of their babies. But two lonely strangers find themselves cut off from the rest. Jane was invited because she knows the people in the kitchen. Tim was invited because he painted the kitchen. Jane drunkenly asks Tim, "What are you doing for sex tonight?" And a few weekslater she calls him with some unexpected news: she's pregnant...


    "....Peppered with sharp dialog and witty one-liners, the script hovers between tragedy and comedy as O'Reilly emphasizes the chasm that divides the pair while tracing the ongoing development of their unlikelyrelationship...the drama looks likely for future productions this side of the Atlantic." --Variety

    "O'Reilly's play is a voyage of discovery...His handling of dramatic action is so obviously skillful...a piece of theatre whose power lies in its refusal to pretend. It is what it is: the bones of a play exposed tothe light that shines through it, but identifiably, unmistakeably human. O'Reilly's brilliant THE GOOD FATHER...taps the emotions as few plays do,probing the minds and confusions of two people in trouble with life and with each other." --The Irish Times

    "THE GOOD FATHER'S hilarious banter has the audience in stitches for the better part of two hours, and still doesn't interfere with the character's emotional development...This is inescapable, electric dialog...which is crisp, incisive and intelligent, and hangs like a garland around the depths of daily misery and pain...It's the substance of every romantic tale that's ever been told and yet it shines through as if new, thanks to writing that skims along at breakneck pace." --Irish Independent

    You are cordially, and enthusiastically invited to join us at THEATERSOUNDS
    Saturday, May 21 at 7:30 pm
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Road, Kingston


    Sawkill Road is closed for bridge repairs between Washington Avenue and the UUCC.
    Take Route 209 to the Sawkill Road exit and go South one and a half miles, and left at the UUCC entrance.

    INFORMATION: 845/657-6303

  • A PICASSO by Jeffrey Hatcher

    April 30, 2016

    Dear Friends and Audients
    As things heat up......** Theater Sounds is pleased to bring you a sizzlling confrontation between two worthy, if unequal, adversaries:
    A PICASSO by Jeffrey Hatcher
    with Parker Cross and Nicola Sheara* directed by David Aston-Reese
    STORY: Paris, 1941. Pablo Picasso has been summoned from his favorite cafe by German occupaton forces to a storage vault across the city for an interrogation. His questioner: Fischer, a "cultural attache" from Berlin. Her assignment: discover which of three Picasso paintings rec- ently "confiscated" by the Nazis from their Jewish owners are real. The ministry of propaganda has planned an exhibit, and only the great artist himself can attest to their authenticity. When Picasso discovers the true nature of the exibition, he engages in a pressurized negotiation with the equally determined and wily Miss Fischer to hold onto his artworks . The result: a witty, clever and engaging cat-and-mouse drama about art, politics, sex and truth,** with a twist at its climax.
    "Artful, remarkable and genuinely dramatic, with impressive sensitivity and wit." -The New York Daily News
    "Sex, art, Nazis and a classy twentieth century icon, all wrapped up like a tasty cultural burrito. Expertly done" -The Star-Ledger
    "A polished production with carefully sprung surprises." -The New York Times
    "If I were a betting man (and who isn't in the theater), I'd wager that we'll be seeing a lot of Jeffrey Hatcher's new play over the next few years...brace for a Picasso bonanza. An exceptionally sharp piece of writing coming soon, no doubt, to a theater near you." -The New York Sun
    You are invited, nay encouraged, to join us on Saturday, April 30 at 7:30 pm
    For Jeffrey Hatcher's exciting play A PICASSO
    at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Rd. Kingston 12401
    Information: 845/657-6303 917/570-8782
    *Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association **see above

  • DANCING LESSONS an enthralling comedy by Mark St. Germain

    March 19, 2016

    7:30 PM

    Dear Audience Members - and Re-members

    As the daylight lengthens we are pleased to welcome back our featured
    playwright for this season, Mark St. Germain. His play, BECOMING DR.
    RUTH was a hit (a palpable hit) in November, and the playwright will
    again join us onstage to participate in the reading.

    by Mark St. Germain
    Featuring Dannah Chaifetz, David Smilow and Mr. St. Germain
    With some direction by Nicola Sheara


    "DANCING LESSONS centers on Ever, a young man with Asperger's
    syndrome, who seeks the instruction of a Broadway dancer to learn
    enough dancing to survive an awards dinner in his honor. The dancer,
    Senga, however, is recovering from an injury that may end her dancing
    career. As their relationship unfolds, they're both caught off-guard
    by the discoveries - both hilarious and heartwarming -that they make
    about each other and themselves."


    "You don't want it to end...."
    - The
    Boston Globe"

    "Laughs abound in this play and so do those plucked heartstrings....A
    perfect evening of theatre."

    "DANCING LESSONS goes beyond the conventions of a romantic comedy to
    an enthralling evening....totally absorbing....brilliantly

    "A terrific new romantic comedy....frequently and deeply funny....the
    best play of Mark St. Germain's I've yet seen."
    - Albany
    Times Union

    You are cordially and enthusiastically invited to join us at

    on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm
    at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Road, Kingston


  • RED HOT PATRIOT by Margaret Engel and Allison Engel

    February 27, 2016

    Dear Treasured Colleagues of, in and at Theater:

    In this weird weather climate and in this even weirder political
    climate, TheaterSounds will take the Texas bull by the horns and
    present for its next sizzling reading

    the kick-ass wit of MOLLY IVINS
    by Margaret Engel and Allison Engel
    directed by Nicola Sheara
    featuring Nancy Rothman* ably abetted by Ken Thompson

    (We will refrain from declaring that we will out-trump the current
    circus happening around us with this witty and intelligent piece.)


    "The story of the unsinkable Molly Ivins, the famously brassy
    newspaper columnist and best-selling author. A true Texas original,
    Ivins was a sharp-tongued wit who skewered the political
    establishment and the 'good ol' boys' with her unforgettable humor
    and wisdom. Written by twin sisters, themselves longtime journalists,
    the play celebrates Ivins' courage and tenacity - even when a
    complacent America wasn't listening."


    "A memorable portrait of a crusading journalist who broke gender
    barriers to establish herself as one of the nation's most influential
    and compassionate political columnists."

    "RED HOT PATRIOT is an inspiring piece of theater."

    - Broad Street Review

    You are cordially and enthusiastically invited to join us at
    on Saturday, February 27 at 7:30pm at
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Road, Kingston


    *Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

    Information: 845/657-6303

  • 14th Season 2015

    December 31, 2015

    14th Season

    From ANNAPURNA Sharr White 1/24/15 to present

    NEXT FALL Geoffrey Nauffts 2/22/15

    THE HOW AND THE WHY Sarah Treem 3/21/15

    ANY GIVEN MONDAY Bruce Graham 4/18/15

    2 ACROSS Jerry Mayer 5/24/15

    SIDE EFFECTS Michael Weller 6/21/15

    BAKERSFIELD MIST Stephen Sachs 9/ /15

    BUYER & CELLAR Jonathan Tolins 10/ /15

    BECOMING DR. RUTH Mark St. Germain 11/21/15

    THE SECRET MASK Richard Chafe 12/19/15


    December 15, 2014

    THEATERSOUNDS presents the final reading before our summer hiatus - another EXTRA SPECIAL MATINEE on SUNDAY JUNE 21 AT 4PM.

    SIDE EFFECTS - a surprising drama by Michael Weller. Directed by Nicola Sheara with Olivia Horton*

    Those of you who were mesmerized by last year's reading of WHAT THE NIGHT IS FOR by Michael Weller, will welcome back the character, LINDY, so
    wonderfully portrayed by (the then pregnant) Olivia Horton*. We will visit the marriage of Lindy and Hugh which exists on the other end of the telephone that kept interrupting the affair she was conducting with Adam.

    This unsettling and outrageously humorous and gratifying companion piece will keep you fascinated as the little plot points explode into big bombshells.

    Reading at:
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills
    320 Sawkill Road, Kingston
    Information: 845/657-6303

    *Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

    (Listings subject to change due to availability of actors and licenses.)

    Suggested donation is $5.00 or more.

Over The Years: Read At TheaterSounds

  • 2020- 19th Season Continues
    2/15 - SWITZERLAND by Joanna Murray-Smith

    2019 - 18th Season Continues
    2/23 - THE DIRTY TALK by Michael Puzzo
    3/23 - THIRD by Wendy Wasserstein
    4/20 - ANN by Holland Taylor
    5/18 - CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne
    6/5 - PRECIOUS LITTLE by Madeline George
    9/21 - 19th Season - THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (abridged)
    10/19 - ESCAPED ALONE by Caryl Churchill
    11/16 - I'LL EAT YOU LAST by John Logan

    2018 - 17th Season Continues
    1/20 - TOUCH OF RAPTURE by Fengar Gael
    2/17 - ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani
    3/17 - MARJORIE PRIME by Jordan Harrison
    4/21 -TEN PERCENT OF MOLLY SNYDER by Richard W. Strand
    5/19 -THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT by Bill Manhoff
    6/16 - THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES by Frank D. Gilroy
    9/15 - 18th Season - THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by Oscar Wilde
    10/20 - ELEEMOSYNARY by Lee Blessing
    11/17 - BRILLIANT TRACES by Cindy L. Johnson
    12/15 - HOLIDAY HiJINX w/Christie & Capote

    2017 - 16th Season continues
    1/28 - SHIRLEY VALENTINE Willy Russell
    2/25 - BAD DATES Theresa Rebeck
    3/25 - AN ACT OF GOD David Javerbaum
    4/22 - AN ACCIDENT Lydia Stryk
    5/13 - BAUER Lauren Gunderson
    6/18 - KALAMAZOO Michelle Kholos Brooks & Kelly Younger
    9/16 - 17th Season - THE ICE-BREAKER David Rambo
    10/21 - FRANKENSTEIN Mary Shelley
    11/18 - ERMA BOMBECK AT WITS END Allison and Margaret Engel
    12/16 - THE GARDENS OF FRAU HESS by Milton Frederick Marcus

  • 2016
    1/16 - MOTHERS & SONS Terrence McNally
    2/27 - RED HOT PATRIOT Margaret and Alison Engel
    3/19 - DANCING LESSONS Mark St. Germain
    4/30 - A PICASSO Jeffrey Hatcher
    5/21 - THE GOOD FATHER Christian O'Reilley
    6/18 - SCOTT & HEM Mark St. Germain
    9/24 - 16th Season - OUR MOTHER'S BRIEF AFFAIR Richard Greenberg
    11/26 - UNCANNY VALLEY Thomas Gibbons

  • 2015
    1/24 - ANNAPURNA Sharr White
    2/22 - NEXT FALL Geoffrey Nauffts
    3/21 - THE HOW AND THE WHY Sarah Treem
    4/18 - ANY GIVEN MONDAY Bruce Graham
    5/24 - 2 ACROSS Jerry Mayer
    6/21 - SIDE EFFECTS Michael Weller
    9/19 - 15th Season - BAKERSFIELD MIST Stephen Sachs
    10/17 - BUYER & CELLAR Jonathan Tolins
    11/21 - BECOMING DR. RUTH Mark St. Germain
    12/19 - THE SECRET MASK Richard Chafe

  • 2014
    1/18 - ROSE COLORED GLASS Susan Bigelow & Janice Goldberg
    2/22 - WHAT THE NIGHT IS FOR Michael Weller
    3/22 - QUARTET Ronald Harwood
    4/19 - THE OTHER PLACE Sharr White
    5/24 - LIGHT SENSITIVE Jim Geoghan
    6/21 - THE CEMETERY CLUB Ivan Menchall
    9/27 - 14th Season - GOLDFISH John Kolvenback
    10/25 - CALL BACK Bill Svanoe
    11/15 - ACCORDING TO GOLDMAN Bruce Graham
    12/20 - HANDY DANDY William Gibson

  • 2013
    1/26 - THE GIN GAME D.L. Coburn
    2/16 - THE UNDERSTUDY Theresa Rebeck
    3/30 - ROUNDING THIRD Richard Dresser
    4/? - MEMORIAL Half Moon Theater
    5/25 - OLIVE AND THE BITTER HERBS Charles Busch
    6/22 - THE PAVILION Craig Wright
    9/21 - 13th Season - THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS David Rambo
    10/19 - STAIRCASE Charles Dyer
    11/23 - THE MORINI STRAD Willy Holzman
    12/21 - HOLIDAY HIJINX
    ANGELA'S ASHES Frank McCourt

  • 2012
    1/28 - ’NIGHT MOTHER Marsha Norman
    2/25 - IT HAD TO BE YOU Renee Taylor & Joseph Bologna
    3/24 - EDWARD ALBEE'S OCCUPANT Edward Albee
    4/28 - SPIKE HEELS Theresa Rebeck
    5/26 - REDWOOD CURTAIN Lanford Wilson
    6/23 - LATER LIFE A.R. Gurney
    9/8 - 12th Season - THE SAVANNAH DISPUTATION Evan Smith
    10/20 - A SMALL FIRE Adam Bock
    11/17 - MRS. MANNERLY Jeffrey Hatcher
    12/15 - GREETINGS Tom Dudzick

  • 2011
    1/15 - BREATH OF LIFE David Hare
    2/12 - SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR Bernard Slade
    3/26 - PVT. WARS James McClure
    5/1 - FICTION Steven Dietz
    6/11 - THE SUNSET LIMITED Cormac McCarthy
    8/13 - 11th Season - IN PRAISE OF LOVE Terrence Rattigan - 10th Anniversary Reading
    9/17 - GOD OF CARNAGE Yasmina Reza translated by Christopher Hampton
    10/22 - SHOOTING STAR Steven Dietz
    11/18 - PAINTING CHURCHES Tina Howe
    12/17 - HUMERUS HEAD HOLIDAY HOOTENANY Edith Piaf, Truman Capote, Dylan Thomas

  • 2010
    6/19 - 10th Season - HEROES Gerald Sibleras, translated by Tom Stoppard
    7/24 - TWO BY TENNESSEE Tennessee Williams:
    10/9 - DINNER WITH FRIENDS Donald Margulies
    12/5 - SQUIRREL SEEKS CHIPMUNK David Sedaris

  • 2009
    2/21 - LOVE LETTERS A.R. Gurney
    3/29 - MEDAL OF HONOR RAG Tom Cole
    4/25 - THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED Douglas Carter Beane
    6/20 - SHELDON & MRS. LEVINE Bobrick & Stein
    7/18 - 9th Season - SKYLIGHT David Hare
    10/17 - THE CARPETBAGGER’S CHILDREN Horton Foote
    11/21 - A PERFECT GANESH Terrence McNally
    12/26-12/27 - HOLIDAY HOOPLA various readings

  • 2008
    2/9 - LIPS TOGETHER, TEETH APART Terrence McNally
    3/30 - VINCENT IN BRIXTON Nicholas Wright
    4/25 - THE HARRY & SAM DIALOGS Karen Ellison
    5/25 - TALKING WITH… Jane Martin
    6/29 - MASS APPEAL Bill C. Davis
    7/12 - 8th Season - THE SWEETEST SWING IN BASEBALL Rebeccal Gilman
    9/13 - THE HOUSEKEEPER James Prideaux
    10/26 - THREE VIEWINGS Jeffrey Hatcher
    11/29 - A NUMBER Caryl Churchill
    12/27 - SANTA BLACK COMEDY CHRISTMAS David Sedaris, Jeff Goode

  • 2007
    1/20 - BLUFF Jeffrey Sweet
    2/25 - AMY'S VIEW David Hare
    3/30 - A DELICATE BALANCE Edward Albee
    4/20 - Q E D Peter Parnell
    5/31 - BROADWAY BOUND Neil Simon
    6/30 - K-2 Patrick Meyers
    7/21 - 7th Season - THE UNEXPECTED MAN Yasmina Reza
    10/20 - INDEPENDENCE Lee Blessing
    11/16 - GRACE & GLORIE Thomas Zeigler
    12/29 - A TUNA CHRISTMAS Williams, Sears, Howard

  • 2006
    2/5 - WOMEN ON FIRE Irene O'Garden
    3/19 - THEIR FINEST HOUR Willard Manus, Churchill/Edward R.Murrow
    4/15 - A LESSON FROM ALOES Athol Fugard
    6/10 - THE GOLDEN AGE A.R.Gurney
    7/29 - WILK & GAYLE Jonathan Van Gieson, Reprise - 5th Anniversary
    9/15 - 6th Season - CRIMINAL INTENSIVE
    9/16 - CRIMINAL HEARTS Jane Martin
    9/17 - MASTER CRIMINALS Jonathan Van Gieson
    11/11 - LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING Don DeLillo
    TWICE AROUND THE PARK Murray Shisgal

  • 2005
    2/26 - THE SPEED OF DARKNESS Steve Tesich
    3/27 - COLLECTED STORIES Donald Margulies
    4/30 - JOHN BROWN Norman Thomas Marshall & George Wolf Reily
    5/14 - STAGE FRIGHT Charles Marowitz
    6/18 - TALKING HEADS Alan Bennett
    7/19 - DANDELIONS Ann McGravie
    9/10 - 5th Season - GOING TO ST. IVES Lee Blessing
    10/16 - MRS. KLEIN Nicholas Wright
    12/30 - A TUNA CHRISTMAS Williams, Sears & Howard

  • 2004
    2/13 - ENIGMA VARIATIONS Emmanuel Schmitt, translated by Jeremy Sams
    3/12 - COWARD IN TWO KEYS 2 one act plays by Noel Coward
    5/22 - THE LAST YANKEE Arthur Miller
    7/17 - DEATH AND THE MAIDEN Ariel Dorfman
    9/11 - 4th Season - THE QUEEN OF BINGO Jeanne Michels & Phyllis Murphy
    11/26 - LETTERS HOME Rose Leiman-Goldemberg

  • 2003
    2/2 - ANCESTRAL VOICES A.R. Gurney
    3/8 - A LOVELY SUNDAY FOR CREVE COEUR Tennessee Williams
    4/19 - 3 ONE ACTS:
    LEAVE ME ALONE Tisha Ioli
    COUNTER GIRLS Jonathan Reuning
    7/12 - WEIGHT OF TEARS Stephen Temperly
    10/26 - 3rd Season - THE GUYS Anne Nelson
    11/29 - SID Willard Manus, about Sid Perelman
    12/26 - GREATER TUNA Williams, Sears and Howard

  • 2002
    2/24 - BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN P.J.Barry
    5/5 - MASTER CRIMINALS Jonathan Van Gieson
    6/8 - DON JUAN IN HELL George Bernard Shaw
    8/10 - VITA & VIRGINIA Eileen Atkins
    10/19 - 2nd Season - THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG Wendy Wasserstein
    11/17 - ADDRESS UNKNOWN Katherine Freeman Taylor
    12/29 - TURN OF THE SCREW William James adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher

  • 2001 - 1st Season
    7/20 - WILK & GAYLE Jonathan Van Gieson
    8/18 - THE PRICE Arthur Miller
    10/20 - NOT IN MY BACKYARD New Plays in response to 9-11
    12/1 - LION IN WINTER James Goldman